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Honey Lavender Conditioning Beard Butter for Men

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Our all natural beard balm is the perfect item to add to your daily regimen to keep your beard more soft and manageable, while helping to stimulate growth.

 The calming lavender aroma and powerful tea tree oil is perfect scent combination for a man. It’s also packed with other natural moisturizing oils. Tea tree oil is one of the greatest anti-microbial oils out there that will help to help eliminate razor bumps, while the lavender helps to soothe any redness, or itchiness you may have in your beard.

 *This new formula actually works better if your facial hair is slightly damp.*

 Directions For Use: Start out by rubbing about a dime sized amount in your hands and massage into your skin as well as your facial hair. Add more product as you go along so that it suits your texture or amount of facial hair that you have. Comb through and let the balm do the rest. You will notice a vast difference in your beard within days.


Also great for senstive, acne and exzema prone skin.

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